Engagement around our content can happen at any time. Engagement is a measurement of how effective and understandable our content is to our viewers, our audience.

What IS engagement?

Basically, engagement is an action someone takes with our content. For example, when someone downloads a podcast, subscribes to a YouTube channel, or clicks/taps a Like or Heart, Comment, or Share link on our social media pages, that’s an engagement.

So, WHY measure content?

You don’t have to measure content at all to be successful. However, if you want to know what’s really important or stimulating conversation with your viewers, you want to give it some attention.

  •  The less engagement – fewer views, Likes or Hearts/Comments/Shares, subscriptions, or downloads – the more the content can be viewed as not important, not as easy to understand, or outright boring.
  •  The more engagement, the more your audience understood and reacted to your content.

Note I didn’t say “agree”. No one has to agree with your content in order to engage with it. I hope the engagement is more to stimulate conversation or debate versus create negative or hurtful feelings, but, this largely depends on your viewers and how they choose to react – how they choose to engage.

4 Tips For Creating Engaging Content

  1.  Run a poll. Create a poll on social media or with your email subscribers. Ask them what topics they would like you to cover.
  2.  Check the competition. See what your competition is writing about. If you don’t agree with it, write or record (vlogging) your viewpoint and explain why.
  3.  Create interviews. Ask your competition (or a colleague in a similar field) if you can hold a 30-minute live broadcast chat, record for a podcast, or use in your blog. Be sure to give credit (linkback) to your guest.
  4.  Google it. Ask Google, DuckDuckGo, or your favorite search engine what people are interested in regarding your industry. You can ask in the form of a one or two-word query, an outright question, or what is called “boolean” – take a word or phrase and use the plus (+) sign to add another word or phrase to your search.

If you have some tips to share so we can all create great content, email me and I’ll add it to my post. The more we can learn from one another, and support each other, the more we’ll grow together.

Be strategic. Be visible. Be found.


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Lisa Raymond is the owner and creative genius of Visibly Media. She has been a graphic designer and website designer since 1997, social media management & marketing since 2007, married over 30 years, 4 children, 4 grandbabies, and Queen in her organized realm of chaos! Lisa & Visibly Media do not use any AI in the creation of marketing strategies, posts, and graphics.