Most printers won’t accept a Microsoft Word or Publisher file (or anything Microsoft) because using the file depends on several factors:

  1. Does the printer have the same version of MS Word or Publisher you have? If not, your copy can skew out of alignment very easily.
  2. Does the printer have the same fonts you have? This is key because Microsoft is not capable of embedding fonts in a .PDF file.
  3. Does the printer print only in four-color (CMYK)? If so, you’re out of luck; Microsoft documents only use three-color (RGB).
  4. Does the printer need a high-resolution file? If so, you may be out of luck again. Around 2012, as Microsoft became more readily used for professional printing, versions started including a way to change the resolution of images; Depending on your version, this may not be so easy to find. Sometimes Microsoft will compress the file resolution as it creates your .PDF file, which may result in fuzzy images and text.