In a word, no! The decision is completely up to you. However, it’s best to not put all your eggs into one basket, as the saying goes. If you depend on just social media to advertise/market your business and then decide to attend a networking event, you won’t get much business if you don’t even have a business card. Even if it’s just industry tips, make sure the prospect walks away with some kind of “leave behind” marketing piece. Also, to assume everyone is using the internet similar to the way you do may not be a wise assumption.

QR codes, for the most part, saved the printing industry from extinction (for now) by giving us a reason to scan an image. We recommend our clients create a QR code for an actionable landing page — a page with either a short lead capture form or an offer. Lead your customer(s) to his/her next steps — QR codes are a great use for this! We can offer a suggestion or two as to the mobile app you’ll need to scan these codes with your phone’s camera; contact us for a sit-down appointment.