smiling phone operatorHave you noticed customer service seems to be losing its sex appeal? I have. I don’t mean everyone should dress like the ladies from The Tilted Kilt. Instead, businesses should focus on what made them successful and keeps them successful: 1) a great product or service, and 2) sexy customer service.

It used to be you could walk in to your favorite shop (for example, Wal-Mart or J.C. Penney) and be treated as a V.I.S. (Very Important Shopper). The experience would include a warm welcome with an offer to help find what you were looking for. In some shops in the past, you might have time to be shown the latest and greatest device, test-drive a new gadget/car, or ask for recommendations for that beautiful blouse, and be personally escorted to the checkout. Nowadays, with so much stress about and so many people seeming to be in a rush, it’s becoming harder to not only find sexy customer service, but harder to give it as well.

Here are 5 tips to keep your customer service sexy (and keep your customers coming back!):

  • Smile! A smile is contagious. It can disarm even the most disagreeable customer with a sincere flash. The key is to be sincere. If you show you’re glad to see your customer, they will feel welcome and smile back.
  • Smile Into The Phone. You can hear if someone is smiling or having a bad day. So can your customers. They don’t care if you didn’t get enough sleep last night or if you’re behind on your work. All they care about is whether or not you care about them.
  • Be Sincere. Say hello and welcome your customer to your store. Some people may be offended (yes, this does happen!) but overall most will say hello back, or at least, smile. Offer your help should your customer need it.
  • Be Honest. If you can’t help your customer, be ready to refer them to someone you trust — even if it’s your competitor. Not only will you have a customer for life, you’ll be creating a strong referral partnership while deepening the trust factor with your customer.
  • Be Transparent. Be clear in what you offer (no pun intended). While it’s true you may attract a smaller market, you will be attracting the right people looking to buy your product or service.

Now it’s your turn! What customer service tips can you offer? Please keep it clean, no ranting! Let’s get the conversation going!

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