(updated from original date 10/27/15)

Have you noticed customer service seems to be losing its sex appeal? I have. I don’t mean everyone should dress like the ladies from The Tilted Kilt. Instead, businesses should focus on what makes and keeps them successful: 1) a great product or service, and 2) sexy customer service.

It used to be you could walk into your favorite shop (for example, J.C. Penney) and be treated as a V.I.S. (Very Important Shopper). The experience would include a warm welcome with an offer to help you find what you were looking for. In some shops, you might be shown the latest and greatest, test-drive a new gadget, and escorted to the checkout.

Nowadays, with so much stress about 24/7 and new tech innovations for the sake of convenience, it’s getting harder to not only find sexy customer service, but harder to give it.

Here are seven tips to keep your customer service sexy:

  1. Smile! A smile is contagious. It can disarm even the most disagreeable customer with a sincere flash. The key is to be sincere. If you show you’re glad to see your customers, they will feel welcome and smile back.
  2. Smile into the phone. You can hear if someone is smiling or having a bad day, right? Guess what? So can your customers. They don’t care if you didn’t get enough sleep last night or if you’re behind on your work. All they care about is whether or not you care about them.
  3. Being sincere. Say hello and welcome your customer to your store, and truly mean it. Some people may be offended (yes, this does happen!) but overall most will say hello back. Offer to help should your customer need it.
  4. Honesty is the best policy. If you can’t help your customers, be ready to refer them to someone you trust. Not only will you have a customer for life, you’ll also be creating a stronger relationship with your customer because you were honest enough to admit someone else could help them better.
  5. Transparency. Be clear in what you offer (no pun intended). While it’s true you may attract a smaller market, you will be attracting those who actually get what you do, want what you offer, and will pay for your expertise.
  6. Knowledge counts. Simply put: know your stuff. If you choose to work in the industry you’re in and you’re not the expert, shame on you. Do what you need to increase your knowledge and expertise so you customers will benefit more.

What tip(s) would you add? Send me your comments and let’s start the conversation!

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