Basecamp vs. Workflowy

Each Friday will be dedicated to a review of some of the social media tools available. The review will include an overview of each tool, pros and cons, and Visibly Media’s official recommendation.

This week’s article is about two project management tools, Basecamp and Workflowy.

Basecamp by 37 Signals, project management applicationBasecamp is a web-based application developed the company 37 Signals to solve their own internal challenges of managing design projects. Debuting in 2004, this tool manages everything a project has (or doesn’t have) between a company and their client:

  • Communications between clients and/or employees/contractors.
  • File uploads and downloads.
  • Collaboration.
  • Multiple projects.
  • Calendar planning and management.
  • To-do lists.
  • Email.
  • Tracking updates, changes and revisions.
  • Mobile app.

There are monthly payment structures for any budget as well as a 60-day trial to test-drive the application.

Workflowy, project management applicationWorkflowy is another web-based application used to manage projects and personal to-do lists. The functionality is very linear in its approach; to use, you must think of your work as a type of hierarchial workflow chart (no pun intended!). Debuting in 2010, here is what this tool can do:

  • Personal to-do lists
  • Project lists
  • Drill down to sub-lists using indents
  • Sharing lists by email via secret link
  • Improve collaboration with team
  • Create templates
  • Use hashtag keywordss and @ symbol to track collaborators, assignments, and importance of lists

Workflowy is originally a free application; however, there is a pro version with monthly and yearly payment structures for both individual and team use with more customization options.

Professional recommendation: Basecamp gets our official nod. Both applications are well-rated, so ultimately it comes down to how you use them and which program best suits your company’s needs. Basecamp, however, has one benefit lacking currently in Workflowy: the ability for clients and contractors to log-in to your project for communication/updates and uploads/downloads, which gives you, the project manager, the ability to view recent log-ins by either client or contractor. The chief benefit: easier project management to allow you more time in front of your clients.

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