Smaller may be better, after all.

Nano Influencers (a.k.a., N.I.), also known as Micro Influencers (a.k.a., M.I.), are on the rise in the social media world. Who are they, and does it pay to know one (or some) for small- and medium businesses (a.k.a. SMBs)?

As noted in an article on Social Media Today, a nano/micro influencer is a local “someone” who has between 1K and 10K followers. For most people going for the biggest impact, that doesn’t sound like much, does it?

Yet, in the sample cited, if this nano influencer has 1K followers but 90% or more are business owners, would that make a difference to your marketing approach?

Yes, it would and should.

Nano influencers function similarly to networking organizations. Think about it. They have a small following that knows you. They know your business inside and out; what your passion for your business is, how and why you work, and who makes a good client for you. Your strength is how well they know your details. These nano influencers know “the deep stuff” about you and your businesss. How?

They pay attention. When you email that newsletter, when you post on your social media pages, they pay attention to what you’re saying. They know you care about your business, but they also know who you care about serving. You have their attention, and they know it.

So, again, what do nano influencers have to do with networking? I’m getting there.

I am a member of AmSpirit Business Connections, a networking organization from Ohio that has a franchise in Arizona. The founder, Frank Agin, bases his groups’ mission on a similar statement of one of the most influential networkers I follow, Bob Burg, and has also been echoed by Simon Sinek. That statement is this: people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

We can equate this statement to giving recommendations. A recommendation is a risk; it means you trust the person you recommend will do their best to the person getting that recommendation. It puts your credibility on the line; if that person blows this opportunity, your close network of friends won’t trust you with another recommendation. On the other hand, if that person comes through, your credibility goes through the roof.

To put it simply: if you’re working with a financial planner, would you recommend that person to your mother? Your best friend? Do you trust that person that much?

Strong networking groups between 20-25 members have a core of people that can easily refer business to each other. Within the chapter or group, there may be smaller cores of people who naturally network together and can refer business to each other. Each member of the larger group knows each other, and the smaller group of the larger knows each person very, very well. Again, so what?

These nano influencers know their community as well as they know you – like the back of their hand. They may not immediately know the person who can use your product or services, but they will know someone in their network who does need you and is willing to pay you for what your product or services.

Next Steps

  • Find the nano influencers. Do a search on social media, or talk with local groups and chambers of commerce and learn who they know.
  • Make friends. Nurture each relationship and really get to know these people, one person at a time. Don’t treat nano influencers like a number; treat them like a unique human being, like a thoughtful gift.
  • Stay in touch. Don’t reach out only when you need something; find out who or what they need. Help them reach their goals.
  • Be authentic. This word is almost overused, I know — but it’s not yet! There’s no such thing as a perfect human being, so don’t try to be what you think they expect. Be yourself, your best, true self.

Who said bigger was better, anyway? A small, intimate army (or tribe) is far better for your business than knowing a million people that may not interact with you consistently.

Be strategic. Be visible. Be found.

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