Scheduling a post to your MeWe page is pretty easy. My hope is, sooner than later, some of the scheduling tools like Sendible, Hootsuite, or Nimble will allow scheduling to MeWe to save time from having to log in first. Cross your fingers.

  1. Log in to your MeWe account and navigate to your Page. If you didn’t know, the MeWe Page is a paid option, and for $2.00/month you really can’t beat it.
  2. Click in the top callout box that says Share A Post With Your Followers. You can also start this by clicking your logo or image instead.
  3. Write your post. Include the keywords and hashtags you want to use, and be ready to add an art, sound, or video file. In the screenshot, you’ll see the following seven (7) options in the bottom left corner to choose from: photo, file, video, .gif (includes an animated .gif, which is different from a video), poll, voice/audio, or stickers. For this post, I chose an image.
  4. To the left of the blue Post button in the bottom right-hand corner you’ll see a clock. This is the post scheduler; click the clock to open it.
  5. Set the date and time you want for your post. When you click the date, you get a calendar; when you click the time, you’ll get a short scrollable list to choose from in 15-minute increments (non-military notation). You can also enter a time, such as 12:05.
  6. When you’re finished setting this all up, click the blue Post button, and your post is set in the schedule queue.

TIP: Scheduling a post isn’t an option in the mobile app just yet. You can view your scheduled posts on the mobile app, though, and edit if needed.

That’s it! Just a quick post today to keep to my own Consistent Frequency schedule. Next we’ll tackle the Analytics.

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  • Lisa Raymond

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