A friend of mine who owns his own business and works as a contractor recently complained to me about the rules (guidelines) the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZROC) has in place. He said the guideline book itself is huge, and he didn’t have time to read it. Fortunately, what he did wrong was easily corrected and didn’t incur a fine, but, his experience did give me the idea for this article.

Some contractors become business owners because they’re very good at their craft and they want to own a business. Being a business owner doesn’t always mean you have the answers, or know everything about running a business. If you are part of an organization like the AZROC, however, it does mean you should ask questions about how your business should be represented to the public.

Direct Advertising.

Direct marketing pieces are anything that deliberately pushes your business out to the public view. Examples may include:

  • your business card;
  • your stationary (letterhead and envelopes);
  • mailers (postcards), sales sheets, and brochures;
  • any digital media or electronic transmission (i.e., website, social media, Google maps/Google My Business, rotating banner ads, etc.);
  • your social media channels;
  • your vehicle graphics (i.e., vinyl lettering, magnets, etc.);
  • any commercial, whether on cable TV or YouTube;
  • any printed advertisement or signage (i.e., newspaper, Coffee Talk, billboard, etc.).

Because these pieces touch a viewer on purpose, they absolutely should have your ROC and license numbers, as well as your business contact information.

Indirect Advertising.

Indirect marketing pieces are items that do touch the public view but were not intentionally created to be part of marketing. Examples may include:

  • return address or shipping labels;
  • fax cover sheets (yes – some still use them!);
  • your email signature;
  • your billing or client’s accounting statement;
  • your phone’s voicemail, text auto-responder.

If you have any questions about your advertising, Visibly Media can help! Contact us today and tell us what your marketing challenge is for your business, whether you’re planning next year’s budget or finishing this year strong.

Be strategic. Be visible. Be found.

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