Update. Upgrade. Uproot.

Managing Your Website

Web Development-StrategyHow long has it been since you changed any of the content on your company website? Does it pass Google’s mobile-friendly test? How long has it been since you really looked at the site to see if it’s time to update, upgrade, or uproot and start over?


If your website gets frequent repeat traffic, it is absolutely imperative that the content be updated on a consistent basis. There is nothing worse than presenting a repeat visitor with the same information he or she was able to get the last time they visited your site. Remarkable content that demonstrates both your expertise and influential thought-leadership will encourage visitors to come back often.


One of the latest trends relating to websites is establishing and nurturing an on-line community of users. Sites that used to be static, stale, never changing now have dynamic content due to user comments, discussion boards, forums for interaction between guests, and other opportunities for members to contribute to the content of the site.


This is a major development milestone in the lifespan of your website and should be done only after careful consideration and considerable consultation with a web consultant and design professional. If your site has been around for a few years, and the design has not been modified in a couple, you might want to consider the uproot option. Perhaps you need to add data storage and retrieval, or add a method of purchasing goods and services to your site. Any of these options will require the services of a professional web developer and, again, should not be attempted without several consultations and discussions regarding what you want to do, where you want the site to go, and how are you going to get there.

If your website is not performing up to your expectations, or if traffic and business have begun to slip, it may be time to consider one of the above options. Keep your content fresh, update the look or revamp the site to provide better customer service and interaction. You wouldn’t let your storefront business slide into obscurity; don’t let your website business do so either. Call us at 602-423-2106, or use the form below.

— Michael Raymond is a freelance web developer living in Glendale, Arizona. He specializes in PHP, MySQL and collecting domain names.

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