I’ve decided to dive into the November 2021 Ultimate Blog Challenge. It’s something I’ve done before but not for a very long time. I’ve told myself a few stories that are likely all too familiar with most business owners:

  •  working on my clients’ marketing strategies, which doesn’t leave much time to spend ON my business;
  •  spending time with my family and grandkids (hey – benefit from the pandemic!), not enough time to spend ON my business;
  •  getting up early enough to “start my day” with family stuff first;
  •  sitting down to the “email black hole” of questions and requests, answering the phone, and before you know it – not enough time to spend ON my business.
  •  my business needs more traffic, but … (yada yada)

Instead of being Queen in my realm of chaos, without realizing it I became Queen in my realm of excuses.

So why the change now?

Simple: I decided to settle for more. I borrowed that line from Megyn Kelly’s book, “Settle For More”. It’s a provocative title posing a message we should all pause and think about.

In this topsy-turvy world of social media chaos and censorship, the one piece of marketing content we as business owners truly own is our own content – what we create for others to read. Think about it: content can’t be king if we don’t crown it by creating it in the first place.

As we create our own content, we are giving the world our best of our guidance, thought leadership, and how-to’s, inspiring the rest of the world to not just read, but to catch up with us. As we post our thoughts, we may or may not be censored (yet) and our posts may or may not be allowed to stay for reading. However, we can control where our content lives: on our websites, where Google, Bing, and other search engines can help those who are looking for our help to find us.

In my posts this month, I’m going back to the basics of marketing, and this blog is only the beginning. It’s becoming an evaluation of risk management, another topic I’m going to dive into this month. Here are a couple of questions and I’d enjoy your feedback on them:

  1.  How do you assess “risk” in your marketing?
  2.  When is something “too risky” for you to try?

What ideas will you share this month? Let’s start this adventure together.

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