Second post in a series of three.

Since reading Andy Foote’s breaking news July 2nd about a LinkedIn connection’s new ability to unsubscribe from a post in the Notifications panel (thanks much, Andy!), I decided to do what I do best: research, read the concerns, and brainstorm for a solution or two. I wanted to read what the challenges were and what possible solutions were being offered.

VM blog articlesOne of the challenges/concerns I read over and over was the frequency of the article posts. This new publishing platform (a.k.a. LIPP) is a great way to present your thought leadership on topics in your area(s) of expertise. The problem now is the potential backlog of notifications due to the increasing volume of article posts. Please be realistic with frequency, folks. The LIPP is NOT Facebook and should not be treated in the same manner.

Having said that, I have two possible solutions:

SOLUTION 1: Limit postings on the LIPP to once, maybe twice a week. LinkedIn could also build in a limitation within the platform so writers could not post more than “x” times per week. This will help create a focus on a strategy for writings, hopefully using an editorial calendar to plan monthly/weekly posts.

SOLUTION 2: Write one summary post with links back to your blog articles written around this summary. This inbound strategy will allow viewers to see other writings and get an overview of your thoughts, then choose to click through to the related article links.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please post here or on my summary post. NOTE: I fully understand this is a major problem for many people, so please keep comments to a professional manner.

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